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the most instructive experiences are those of everyday life - Friedrich Nietzsche

things we see daily.

random smiles from strangers.

random objects.

screams from random children.

rainy days.slow days.busy days.

audio : Le Ciel. music copyright of Lemongrass/Roland Voss.

it’s official

Lemongrass music/Roland Voss uploaded my video on their official Youtube. They’ve given me written permission to showcase on festivals etc.

thank you :) 


Ratio Ducat, Non Fortuna - 9/13/2011

the making of..Dir en grey

love his style!

love his style!

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favorite shot from tissue #1


favorite shot from tissue #1

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of rainy days & carnival theme

preview here


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the making of 

3 in 1 series that I’m working on.Trying out a new style.

my ‘think’ hat.

my ‘think’ hat.